G&P M249 Para (Upgrade)
G&P M249 Para (Upgrade)
G&P M249 Para (Upgrade)
G&P M249 Para (Upgrade)
G&P M249 Para (Upgrade)
G&P M249 Para (Upgrade)
G&P M249 Para (Upgrade)
G&P M249 Para (Upgrade)


G&P M249 Para (Upgrade)

Estado: NUEVO 
Peso: 10400 gramos

From G&P comes this new M249 Para. Made from a full-metal construction, it gives this gun a real heft that makes it feel exactly like the real-deal, even the included fake metal bullets, which cover up the connector wire from the mag to the receiver, look and feels real! Even down to the Fabrique National de Herstal trademarks on the side of the receiver, which makes this G&P M249 not only feel real, but look real too. It features the Para stock, which is fully extendabable.

It also features a RIS rail on the main receiver to allow fitments of a scope or sight. The auto-winding magazine holds a capacious 3000 rounds of BB ammo, as well as having a storage place for a large 8.4v or 9.6v battery, the wire connection is neatly tucked away under a metal flap and covered by the metal dummy bullets. The remote-wire activated magazine feeds the M4 v.2 gearbox and the AUG motor, which help to spit out the BBs at a rate of 350fps.

This is a very tasty little package from G&P, which will surely prove to be as much of a hit with collectors as well as those who like a little authenticity in their Airsoft battles.

  • Magazine Capacity: 3000
  • Length: 798mm / 930mm
  • Weight: 7600g
  • Built Material: Aluminum,PA
  • Muzzle Velocity: 400fps (1.4J)
  • Gearbox: Version 2 with 7mm Bearing Full Assemble
  • Motor: G&P M120 Hi-Speed
  • Battery: Maximum can fit 9.6v 3300mAh Battery (Not Included)


  • Steel made Metal Body
  • Steel made Short Outer Barrel
  • Para Flashider with Safety Lock
  • Steel made Carry Handle
  • Steel made Bipod
  • Steel made Rear Sight
  • Complete Gearbox with Steel Gears
  • Para Stock
  • M249 Dummy 5.56 Cartridge Belt
  • M249 Box Magazine (3000rds) (GP609) Take a look at the pictures below for some detailed pics and photos of the M249 in service.



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Fecha de lanzamiento

Jueves, 19 Octubre 2017