Hurricane 53 Red/Green Dot Scope (Black)
Hurricane 53 Red/Green Dot Scope (Black)
Hurricane 53 Red/Green Dot Scope (Black)
Hurricane 53 Red/Green Dot Scope (Black)


Hurricane 53 Red/Green Dot Scope (Black)

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Peso: 630 gramos

Hurricane's 53 Red Dot Sight is a beautiful full-metal sight. This sight is digitally adjusted and can be set to either red or green sights. Press the UP button and the unit turns on. Press the UP and DOWN buttons to adjust the intensity, or the middle W button to change between red and green red dot pattern. Press both buttons at the same time and the unit will turn off. Perfectly designed for the M4 - install this sight onto the flat-top rail of your M4 - your M4 / M16 front sight will NOT obstruct the holographic image since it's located high enough to look over the top of the front sight. The 53 features an auto-adjustable brightness reticle, which automatically adjusts the brightness level by detecting the ambient light. This feature does not exist on the 51 models. The 53 also has a QD Locking Lever System (not featured on the 52 or 51)



  • 20 level manual brightness adjustment.
  • Low power indicator.
  • UV tempered lens.



  • Batteries Not Included Due to IATA Airline Regulations*

    IMPORTANT: This is a toy red dot scope that uses low power LED technology, and is NOT a holographic sight powered by lasers. This product is a toy and is not designed for real firearms use. It is not designed to withstand the recoil and shock of a real gun, and should only be used with Airsoft or toy guns for play.


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