Polarstar F2 Conversion Kit - KAC LMG CLASSIC ARMY
Polarstar F2 Conversion Kit - KAC LMG CLASSIC ARMY
Polarstar F2 Conversion Kit - KAC LMG CLASSIC ARMY
Polarstar F2 Conversion Kit - KAC LMG CLASSIC ARMY
Polarstar F2 Conversion Kit - KAC LMG CLASSIC ARMY


Polarstar F2 Conversion Kit - KAC LMG CLASSIC ARMY

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Bite Sized Fusion Engine

Winner of the "Best HPA Engine" in the 9th Airsoft Players Choice Awards, the dual solenoid design of the F2™ provides the same functionality as the legendary Fusion Engine™ but in a more compact, efficient and flexible design. Dual solenoids allow for the nozzle and the poppet valve to be adjusted independently of each other for unparalleled control over both the loading time and air volume used. Additionally, this makes it possible to change the firing sequence giving it the ability to operate in both true closed bolt as well as "AEG" mode.

The F2™ incorporates a new one-piece, lightweight poppet valve design yet still operates on the same principle as the Fusion Engine™ poppet. This valve is able to operate at lower pressures and uses less air volume to function which optimizes air efficiency.

A robust design allows for an operating pressure range of 45psi to 145psi which enables the F2™ to achieve velocities from CQB to DMR while employing only one nozzle for the entire velocity adjustment range.

Additionally, its nozzle is spring biased forward which provides a consistent loading force regardless of operating pressure. It shares the same spring as the Fusion Engine™ with both light and heavy spring options available to adjust the loading force.

 Velocity: 480fps w/ .20g @ 145psi

The F2™ allows for easy velocity adjustment just by changing input pressure and does not require different nozzles to reach its full velocity range. Using a standard M4 as an example, velocity can be adjusted from below 280fps and up to approximately 480fps with a .20g BB. Velocity can vary per model as longer barrels will increase the maximum velocity while shorter barrels will decrease it. 

ROF: 30rps

The maximum cyclic rate of the F2™ is affected by several factors such as the operating pressure as well as quality of the magazine and BB's used. However, 30 rounds per second is achievable in most standard configurations.

Air Efficiency: 1000+ shots from 13/3000 @ 1.5J  w/ .28g

The standard F2™ poppet valve is equivalent to the Red Low-Flow poppet of the Fusion Engine™. However, this valve responds faster and requires less air volume to operate so the F2™ is able to achieve greater air efficiency than even a finely tuned Fusion Engine™.
(Test Configuration: Red Poppet / 6.05x375mm Barrel)

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