POLARSTAR Wire Harness Rev. 2  - 18" length


POLARSTAR Wire Harness Rev. 2 - 18" length

Estado: NUEVO 
Peso: 100 gramos

The PolarStar wire harness is constructed with 24 AWG wire for superior continuity and features a nylon mesh sheath to protect the wires as they pass through the replica's body. These harnesses are universally compatible with all PolarStar electro-pneumatic HPA systems excluding the original V2 GEN1 Fusion Engine and Amoeba kits.

Compatible with any PolarStar system that uses a REV2 or REV3 FCU.

18" is standard length for V2 kits in F2, F1 and JACK. Also recommended for FE's being installed into full stock replicas (e.g. M16A3).

13" is standard length for V2 FE as well as V3 F2, F1 and JACK kits.

7.5" is standard length for V3 and MG FE kits but is also recommended for wiring the FCU to the pistol grip with UGS/CGS installs.


Color code for the cables:

  • Black: Nozzle (not used for JACK/F1),
  • White: Poppet,
  • Red: Selector,
  • Blue: Trigger,
  • Brown: Ground


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