Prometheus EG Hard Gearbox Shell V2 (8mm)
Prometheus EG Hard Gearbox Shell V2 (8mm)
Prometheus EG Hard Gearbox Shell V2 (8mm)
Prometheus EG Hard Gearbox Shell V2 (8mm)
Prometheus EG Hard Gearbox Shell V2 (8mm)


Prometheus EG Hard Gearbox Shell V2 (8mm)

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EG Hard Gearbox Shell Ver.2  (8mm)


●Complete redesign of the classic version 2 gearbox for AEGs. The EG Hard Gearbox Shell has been designed from the ground up to solve many of the issues of past designs.


●New split panel design makes maintenance and custom builds much easier!
●Quick change spring system and included ball bearing spring guide.
●CNC Aluminum lower panel for the gearset.
●Upper panel for the compression unit.
●Aluminum alloy upper panel and main body.
●Shimming is now faster and easier.
●Labeled shell for quick reference of screw size and part orientation. 
●Pre-radiused front and rear.
●Overlapping panels to keep your parts from shifting, and maximizing your shimming.
●External wiring, no more pinion gear issues!
●High strength, reinforced main shell passed our 100,000 round test under heavy loads.
●Interior shell is Teflon coated for easier operation of your gears and compression parts.


The top portion of the gearbox is now a single piece vastly increasing the strength of the top of the gearbox where most version 2 gearboxes often crack.


Brand: Prometheus


・EG Hard Gearbox Shell
・Ball Bearing Quick Change Spring Guide
・M3x16 Screws x3
・M3x8 Screws x6
・Cut off Lever screw x1
・Trigger Unit Switch Screw x1
・Handgrip Screws x4


Model Type:


・Tokyo Marui Standard Ver.2 AEGs
・Tokyo Marui Specification Ver.2 AEGs


※This gearbox shell is designed around Tokyo Marui specification AEGS, so modification may be required to install it into off-spec guns, be aware that the shell is not 100% compatible in all cases.
※Intended for advanced users and may require modification.


※Please check that you are within the joule limits of your country before customizing your airsoft gun.
※Check your airsoft gun's performance in a large variety of settings, temperatures and other situations to be sure that the joule limit is not breached!
※The picture shown is a product sample, the actual color and specification may vary.
※Gun and other parts sold separately. This is a version 2 gearbox shell only, no internal parts included.

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