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Prometheus Hard Piston New Ver. for Tokyo Marui SCAR-L (Only)

Estado: NUEVO

Prometheus constantly develops newer and better products, and now offers the 2nd generation hard piston for the Marui SCAR-L Recoil Engine EBB!

Inside the discreet blister pack contains the new design piston for the new Marui SCAR-L series EBB. Notable difference included the cutaway at the top of the piston giving precise piston alignment inside the Marui SCAR-L Recoil Engine. The reinforced polymer material that the piston is made of is able to withstand the added stresses of the Recoil Engine feature.

According to Prometheus, the stock Recoil Engine's service life is only 25%-50% of standard non-recoil AEGs. However, with the mix of Prometheus reinforced parts like this piston, you are sure to add significant life expectancy to your Recoil Engine SCAR-L!

For those who love to use their Recoil Shock SCAR-Ls by skirmishing or just spirited shooting, be sure to pick one of these up!



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Fecha de lanzamiento

Lunes, 1 Octubre 2018