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Tokyo Marui M4A1 Carbine (ZET System) GBBR - Cerakote Coating

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  • Tokyo Marui ZET gas blow back system
  • Cerakoted upper and lower receiver
  • Traditional looks including removable carry handle and heat shield Specifications:

    Length - 780mm
    Weight - 2962g
    Power Source - Green Gas/Top Gas
    Shooting Modes - Safe, Semi-Auto, Full Auto
    Magazine Compatibility - Tokyo Marui MWS Gas Magazine
    FPS - 280


    The M4 was born form the M16 program that saw its first use back in the Vietnam War era. Born from the CAR-15 family Colt took the complaints form those weapons and started the development of a gun called the XM4 and in 1984 the first one was made and the following year it was tested. After a few more years, in 1991, the XM4 received a few more refinements such as the shell deflector and shed the X in its name and became the M4. Finally in 1994 the gun was adopted by the U.S. Military to replace the M16A2 in certain roles, becoming one of the most iconic guns in modern history.

    Tokyo Marui has taken its time before when considering product Development and with their MWS M4s its no different. The guns are gas efficient and the felt recoil is not overt where it becomes a distraction. This classic M4A1, like the MWS is powered by their Z system which offers optimal performance.

    About Tokyo Marui:

    Tokyo Marui is a leading airsoft manufacturer that has some of the best and most desired products available for the airsoft community. Renown for legendary products such as the Hi-Capa and their other pistol lines, Tokyo Marui leads in the industry in terms of quality and system performance.





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