Tokyo Marui SCORPION Mod M
Tokyo Marui SCORPION Mod M
Tokyo Marui SCORPION Mod M
Tokyo Marui SCORPION Mod M
Tokyo Marui SCORPION Mod M
Tokyo Marui SCORPION Mod M
Tokyo Marui SCORPION Mod M
Tokyo Marui SCORPION Mod M


Tokyo Marui SCORPION Mod M

Estado: NUEVO 
Dimensiones: 190 x 30 x 300 milímetros
Peso: 342 gramos



·  14mm CCW Thread & can alter direction of which flash hider is facing

·  Based on the Marui Vz61 Scorpion AEP

·  20mm Picatinny Rail for tactical accessories (e.g. flashlight / laser)

·  Accurate to 25 meters

·  Come With 260 Rounds Magazine

·  Battery stored in grip

·  3 Additional Rails for M-Lok System

·  Folding Stock

·  Angled trigger

·  Adjustable HOP UP System in the breach


Length - 565mm
Weight - 1300g
Magazine Capacity - 260 Rounds
Power Source - 7.2v Battery Powered
Blowback - Yes
Shooting Modes - Semi, Full Auto
Hop-up - Adjustable.
Magazine Compatibility - Tokyo Marui Scorpion Mod M 260 Rnd Magazine.
FPS - 270

Based on the famous Czech gun, that was used by Soviet Tankers and still in service in many countries, is now available in an electric-powered replica form from Tokyo Marui. It features the AEP innards, as found in the much-loved Marui MP7, and is also powered by a 7.2.v Micro EX battery. You may require an adaptor/step down converter for charging the battery. It has a 2 hour cut-off function on the charger to prevent the battery from over-charging. The SCORPION Mod M is a far more modernized version of the Vz61 as you can tell by the M-Lok Handguard, a folding stock that folds over to the right instead of over the top, a far longer ergonomic magazine, an incredibly aggressive looking trigger and flash hider. The flash hider itself can be removed revealing a 14mm CCW thread, but they've stylized it in a fashion where you can fit it the other way around so the teeth are facing backwards instead. Much like the Vz61, the battery is stored in the grip, but you'll have to purchase the Tokyo Marui 7.2v 500mah Battery (NiMH) separately. This is the brand new AEP you never thought you needed!

About Tokyo Marui:

Tokyo Marui Co. Ltd is an airsoft gun and toy cars manufacturer located in Adachi, Tokyo, Japan that produced the AEG. The guns are principally sold in Japan, but are also sold worldwide. They were the first company to produce airsoft guns powered solely by electric-motor driven air compressors, which they called "Automatic Electric Gun" (AEG) in 1992. This compact air compressing system was implemented in their first battery-powered automatic firing replica, the FAMAS F1. Other airsoft guns were then introduced. The AEG system is still in use, and has been copied numerous times through the years by many other airsoft gun manufacturers.


x1 x1 Tokyo Marui SCORPION Mod M AEP.
x1 x1 260 Rnd Magazine.
x1 x3 Additional Rails.
x1 x1 Battery Case.
x1 x1 Manual.
x1 x1 Bag O' BBs.

*Battery Not Included*

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Fecha de lanzamiento

Jueves, 17 Mayo 2018