VFC KAC SR16E3 CQB MOD2 GBB Airsoft Rifle (V3) - Black
VFC KAC SR16E3 CQB MOD2 GBB Airsoft Rifle (V3) - Black
VFC KAC SR16E3 CQB MOD2 GBB Airsoft Rifle (V3) - Black
VFC KAC SR16E3 CQB MOD2 GBB Airsoft Rifle (V3) - Black
VFC KAC SR16E3 CQB MOD2 GBB Airsoft Rifle (V3) - Black
VFC KAC SR16E3 CQB MOD2 GBB Airsoft Rifle (V3) - Black


VFC KAC SR16E3 CQB MOD2 GBB Airsoft Rifle (V3) - Black

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The VFC, fully licensed, Knights Armament SR16-E3 is a subtly updated M4/AR15 weapons platform that features quality-of-life upgrades from the standard military issue M4/AR15 patterned rifles.

QoL updates like fully ambidextrous fire selector switch, fully ambidextrous bolt release tabs, and fully ambidextrous magazine release. The SR16-E3 also features a fully licensed MLOK handguard with full KAC markings and corresponding markings on the receiver. The MLOK handguard is extremely lightweight, sturdy, and has a no-nonsense, down-to-business kind of look, giving the rifle a really distinct silhouette.  The rifle has two QD (Quick Detach) points, one on the rear of the receiver, and one on the rear of the handguard for attaching a weapon retention sling without adding extra QD sling point attachments. The stock is fully adjustable with 5 positions to choose from and the stock solidly locks in place with no issues.

Internally the Airsoft rifle features VFC's latest version 3 GBB system. The fire control group has been refined with more steel internal parts like the trigger, hammer, and sear making the platform more durable and reliable. It also features an updated gas system that allows for an exceptionally high degree of gas efficiency and stable FPS. Do not fret as the V3 system is fully compatible with older generation GBB M4/AR15 magazines, so if you have extra mags from an older gen VFC GBB M4 that you own, you are good to go! With such stability, you can expect this GBB Airsoft rifle to be quite accurate.

Now. Shooting the gun is a blast. The trigger pull is clean and the break is crisp. While shooting the gun, it feels like you're shooting the real deal until you remember that you're just shooting 6mm plastic BBs and not 5.56x45. The recoil is phenomenal (as can be expected from VFC's GBB lineup) and you could really feel the kick on your shoulder. The build quality of the rifle is solid with little to no wobbly bits. The magazine feels and weighs just like the real steel AR magazine minus the rattling of the cartridges. All in all, a very solid Airsoft rifle! 

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced player, the VFC SR16-E3 Airsoft rifle is a fine choice as it can hold its own in an indoor CQB environment or an outdoor Mil-sim skirmish. The realism of the rifle in the way it operates and shoots, is sure to give you an absolute thrill!


Magazine Compatibility:

  • VFC M4 GBBR Magazines



  • x1 VFC SR16-E3 CQB MOD2 MLOK GBB Airsoft Rifle
  • x1 Magazine
  • x1 Loader
  • x1 User Manual
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