Wolverine Complete REAPER V3 (AK) Cylinder w/ Premium Edition Electronics


Wolverine Complete REAPER V3 (AK) Cylinder w/ Premium Edition Electronics

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The REAPER is the first true closed bolt, single solenoid design from Wolverine Airsoft. By adapting the technology from our popular BOLT platform to an auto loading system for AEG’s has created a remarkably consistent, quiet, efficient design. If you are experienced with HPA system and hop up tuning, the true closed bolt design offers exceptional performance, especially for those long range shots. The REAPER is compatible with all heritage Wolverine Airsoft electronics (Premium, bluetooth, spartan) as well as the Electromechanical (semi only) electronics perfect for DMR!



  • V2 Gearboxes
    • M4 platforms, ICS split gearboxes, V2.5 gearboxes
  • V3 Gearboxes
    • AK, AUG, G36, etc…
  • M249 Gearboxes
    • STONER, SAW, Support Weapons, etc…


  • WRAITH: CO2 Stock
  • QUAKE: Recoil Stock
  • All standard stocks


  • STORM: OnTank
  • STORM: InGrip (M4 only)
  • All standard airsoft regulators


  • Spartan Electronics (V2 only)
  • Premium FCU
  • Bluetooth FCU
  • other HPA FCUs
  • Electromechanically – no FCU


  • BOLT technology packaged for AEG rifl  es
  • TRUE closed bolt, single solenoid design
  • Air-Saver technology
  • Precision Metered Recharge
    • Precise BB placement in hop up
  • Configurable with an FCU or Electro-mechanically
  • Bulletproof industrial-sized solenoid
  • Toolless disassembly
  • Compatible with WRAITH CO2 Stock
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