Wolverine MTW with INFERNO Engine and Standard Stock, 14,5" Barrel, 13"Rail (LAST UNITS)

Estado: NUEVO Entrega 24/48 h
Dimensiones: 850 x 320 x 80 milímetros
Peso: 3600 gramos

The MTW platform is designed to be more than just a new product, it’s designed to be a whole ecosystem in which the customer can exist and can use all of the products which we’ve developed over the past few years in seamless harmony. No more modifications, no more alignment issues, no more low quality AEG bodies. This platform truly takes pneumatic systems for airsoft to the next level as it unshackles them from the restrictions of being an aftermarket modification and instead designs the platform around all the incredible potential our HPA technology has to offer.


Wolverine Airsoft Products Available for the MTW:

  • Engines
    • Inferno GEN 2
    • REAPER
  • Stocks
    • Standard 
    • QUAKE: Recoil Stock
    • WRAITH: CO2 Stock
    • WRAITH: Aero Stock (Coming Soon)
  • Rails
    • 6 Inch
    • 10 Inch
    • 13 Inch

Customize your Modular Training Weapon however you like!

Technical Highlights
  • True tool-less disassembly exactly like standard AR-15 platform
  • Empty mag detection and functional bolt catch when used with Wolverine Airsoft Magazines
  • Intrinsically aligned
  • Compatible with any standard AEG magazine
  • Custom designed rotary hop for ease of service and adjustment and optimal shooting performance
  • Compatible with many aftermarket AEG hop ups
  • Compatible with standard AEG hand guard, hop rubber and barrel
  • Bolt on compatibility with Wraith CO2 stock, Wraith AERO (tank) stock, and QUAKE recoil stock
  • Configurable with Inferno GEN2 or REAPER
  • Compatible with real steal AR grips, stocks, takedown pins, trigger guard, buffer tubes, and more
  • Forged Lower Receiver
  • Extruded Slick Side Upper receiver (Can be upgraded for forged upper)
  • M-Lok rail with proprietary mounting system
  • 7, 10.3, 14.5, and 18 CNC Aluminum Barrels
  • Each system assembled and installed by a certified Wolverine Airsoft tech
  • Each gun is thoroughly tested, shot, and checked by Wolverine Airsoft tech before shipped


Your MTW will come as either the SBR or Carbine version. You may purchase additional rails and barrels to modify.


Carbine Package Contents:

  • MTW 14.5” barrel
  • 13” MLOK rail

SBR Package Contents:

  • MTW 10.3” barrel
  • 10” MLOK rail

Both Packages include:

  • GEN2 Inferno engine
    • Operating pressure: 60-140 PSI ROF: 15-35 RPS
    • Energy: .8-2J Burst settings: semi-semi, semi-3rnd, semi-auto, 3rnd-auto
  • Upper receiver: billet 6061 T6 slick side
  • Lower receiver: forged 7075 T6 (ATF approved non-firearm)
  • Stock: Mil-spec buffer tube with LE style stock
  • Magazine: 1x WA 120rnd midcap with empty mag detection

More options will be available later, but for the time will just be for the standard Carbine and/or SBR version.

*Specs are approximate based on prototype testing and will be finalized once production parts are complete.

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